The objective of Tangerine Moon Productions is to create the best and most imaginative entertainment in the world. Through eye-catching productions consisting of pop culture-infused multimedia backgrounds, our goal is to engross and captivate our audience. Whether our audience is the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions or even headlining at Comerica Park, our bands are always at the forefront of Detroit's top entertainment.

Our dedication includes learning each song note for note, paying attention to the slightest details that make the recordings loved by their fans, as well as enlisting the talents of class A artists, some of whom have worked on Academy Award- nominated films. With all these components working together, the result is an electrifying rich concert atmosphere emphasizing each band’s distinct genre of music. Your guests will be amazed at what they are hearing, seeing and participating in. At the end of a show they will be clamoring for their next “big concert” experience. The euphoria that ensues is what we simply call the “Tangerine Moon Experience.”